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Tax Tips – 10 Errors Homeowners Make on Tax Returns

It’s Tax season again. You will find this article interesting! Here are 10 Errors that Homeowners make on their Tax Returns. I wanted to share this info here on my blog site. I will also be sending out my “monthly mailing” next week, and it is also different article on homeowners and their tax returns.Continue Reading

How to File for $8,000 Tax Credit

  Via Leslie Ebersole (Baird&Warner Real Estate): From, we have just learned that the way the IRS is “handling” the tax credit is turning into yet another stumbling block to helping the real estate market recover. This seems to me to be so unfair! Anyone who qualified for the credit probably could really useContinue Reading

Realtors®: We Are Practicing Real Estate Service

Do you think that being a Realtor® makes you an expert about Real Estate?  That’s a heavy question.  I think that Realtors® need to start looking at their career in real estate just like Doctors and Lawyers look at their profession.    What happens if a person wants to be a doctor?  They go toContinue Reading

Home Buyer Tax Credit 2009-2010 – Informative Video for Buyers!

This is a very nice 2 minute video that outlines the important issues of the revised & expanded tax credit for HOME BUYERS.   It’s a great time to be a home buyer in Gainesville Florida! Opportunity Knocks !!  Watch the video below to learn about:  What are the revisions & changes?            What are the earnedContinue Reading

Did You Get Your Tax Bill for Alachua County?

Sitting in my wonderful mailbox on Saturday Nov, 7th – was my real estate tax notice.  All of the tax bills & notices for property owners in Alachua County Florida were mailed last week. If your real estate taxes are ESCROWED with your mortgage holder, you will still get a mailing about your taxes andContinue Reading

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