You Know It’s Really Wet in Gainesville When…….

You Know It’s Really Wet in Gainesville When…….Tropical Storm Debby is spending several days here in North Florida.  I don’t want to complain about the rain, and I am very thankful that we haven’t gotten any high winds or tornadoes.   It’s been 3 days of steady rain so far, and the weather experts say we will have another day of rain tomorrow.   My back-yard rain gauge has shown 15″ of rain.

The birds are happy, and so are the frogs.   The landscape it super-green and happy too.  Let’s hope the water table is coming up and help our local springs water levels too.   A recent news update says that the river levels are rising for Santa Fe and Suwanee Rivers.

Here’s How we Know it’s Really Wet in Gainesville:

My bird feeder has been a shelter for the birds to get out of the rain, but all of the sunflower seed has been soaking wet for 3 days and it’s all now sprouting!

All of the area’s retention ponds have filled up and over-flowed.  The photo on the right  below was taken front of Tioga Town Center looks like someone just pulled the drain plug into our aquifer.  Thanks to Sonya Ellensburg Smith for that awesome photo.   The photo next to it is a photo I took yesterday at the corner of 241N and NW 32nd Avenue.  I was too chicken to get any closer to that sink hole, so this is the best shot I was willing to take!

Really Wet in Gainesville  Really Wet in Gainesville

There have been reports on the news about trees down (which brings power lines and cable lines down)…so we know all of our utilities workers have their hands full getting services up and running.

This morning I saw a facebook post about a sewer leak/problem along Parker Road in the Jonesville area.

Facebook is a wonderful way to share local photos and happenings, and I saw a post earlier today.  This photo was taken by the White Springs Volunteer Fire Department of a wash-out of a road in the White Springs area.

So let’s all be careful out there.

The ground is wet, limbs and trees are falling.

Be Safe and Drive Carefully.

And let’s hope Tropical Storm Debby doesn’t cause too much havok in our area!



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