Rainy Weather is Welcome in Gainesville!

Anyone that lives in the Gainesville & Alachua County areas knows that we REALLY need this rain.   Thanks to Tropical Storm Debby, we’ve had a constant rain all day long.

Much Needed Rain in North Central FloridaWe haven’t had torrential down pouring rain, and luckily we have not had any high winds either.  It’s been a slow, steady, rainy Sunday.    All of our retention ponds are full of water.   And I hope that all of this steady rain will translate into higher water tables in all the North Central Florida areas too.

Our water levels in the rivers, springs, and lakes needs to come up – and if we get slow, steady rain tomorrow – it will be a very good thing.  I sure won’t be complaining about the rain.

So, let’s hope that Tropical Storm Debby is good to us!

We sure want the rain – but we don’t want any high winds or flooding.

Our local weather reports are telling us that we will have a rainy Monday too.  We might have some tornado watch/warnings later tonight, but I am just hoping that Tropical Storm Debby will be kind and just share all of her rain with us.

Slow and Steady Rain is a very good thing! 

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