Government Agencies in Gainesville & Alachua County.

Gainesville is located in Alachua County Florida.  In addition to our Alachua County Government, there are additional municipalities in the area.  Here is a list of the various governments within Gainesville and Alachua County.

The City of Gainesville

Government City of GainesvilleGainesville is the largest city and county seat of Alachua County. It serves as the cultural, educational and commercial center for the north central Florida region. The city provides a full range of municipal services, including police and fire protection; comprehensive land use planning and zoning services; code enforcement and neighborhood improvement; streets and drainage construction and maintenance; traffic engineering services; refuse and recycling services through a franchised operator; recreation and parks; cultural and nature services; and necessary administrative services to support these activities.  Check this QUICK FACTS about Gainesville!

Alachua County

Government - Alachua CountyHere is the Alachua County web site that will provide information about Citizen Services, Government, Business, Parks & Recreation, Building and Zoning, Fire and Sheriff’s Department, Meetings, and Board of Commissioners.



City of Newberry

Government City of NewberryNewberry is known for its stable growth and a fiscally responsible government. It holds the distinction of being one of the few debt-free municipalities in the state of Florida, and for levying the lowest tax rates in Alachua County. The City of Newberry also operates it’s own fire department, water plant, waste water plant and sanitation department.  Newberry is one of the few remaining cities that purchases electric power and then resells it. Over 100 businesses call Newberry home with more residents and businesses welcome daily.

City of Alachua

Government City of AlachuaThe City of Alachua is a vibrant, diverse and historic community that has much to offer those who simply visit a few times a year and those who call this city their home.  Please visit the VISIT ALACHUA site to learn about local events, businesses, dining, & shopping.  This is your Guide to the Good Life Community!


City of High Springs

Government City of High SpringsThe City of High Springs is home to Antiques & Springs.


Town of Micanopy