A Trend in Moving to Gainesville Florida – Retirement??

Over the last few weeks, I have been working with 3 different buyers from out-of-state.  I wouldn’t say this is a TREND, or that I am a trend setter – but it has me thinking.  I’d like to add some food for thought about “RETIRING to GAINESVILLE, FL”.

Gainesville & Alachua CountyI won’t mention names here (to protect the guilty)…but these folks are excited about moving to Gainesville. It’s very interesting to here “WHY” they have chosen the Gainesville area.  And thought it a great blog topic!

These people are making a life changing decisions, so they’ve done their own research to pick where they want to live & play after retirement from their long careers. They want an active, enriched retirement!   They are very open and up-front about why they want to be in Gainesville – AND what type of space they want to live in.   The first visit of any potential buyer, gives me the opportunity to be the tour guide and show them that it’s great to live in Gainesville Florida.

Whether you want urban living “in-town” or a country feel that’s convenient to the urban pleasures – you should consider Beautiful Alachua County in North Central Florida!

Let me share discussions with my recent visitors from out of state.  Here are some of their reasons (and each buyer is different).

  • The Large Medical Community!  The VA Medical Center, Shands Hospital, and North Florida Regional Medical Center.
  • The Cultural/Entertaining venues and calendar of events are diverse.  The Museum of Natural History, The Theater of Performing Arts, The Hippodrome Theater.
  • The Sport Events – From University of Florida SEC Sport Schedules, to the NHRA GatorNationals, to Cycling Clubs and Bike lanes all over the county roads , and Moto-Cross at GatorBack.
  • The Florida Nature at it’s FinestThe Paynes Prairie, The San Felasco Preserve, Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, and the local parks.
  • The Alachua County Public Library System is easy access with multiple branches through all of Alachua County
  • Florida Water Fun – Fresh Water Fishing and Tournaments, Salt-Water access to the Gulf and Atlantic, Kayaking on the Santa Fe River, Canoeing or Tubing on The Ichetucknee River, and pleasure boating on The Suwanee River. Ginnie Springs and Cave Diving too!
  • Horse Lovers – Equestrian events throughout the year, Horse friendly properties and communities.  Plenty of tack shops, Feed stores, and trail riders that make it easy to love it here.
  • PET Friendly – I’ve heard comments about it’s easy to find pet friendly Hotels, and are amazing at the dog walkers in neighborhoods, and pet-friendly parks and open air cafes.
  • Health Conscious – Health clubs, Spas, Walking Trails, Power Walking, – they see it every where.
  • A Younger Feel – All have said they don’t want to be in an adult-only community.  They like the “University” atmosphere. One said they graduated from UF (many moons ago) and  they plan to be very active alumni. (Go Gators!)
  • Weather – Does it snow here? (Rarely)  Are we slammed with full force coastal hurricanes? (Nope)  How HOT does it get? (Well, it is Florida) Do we have seasonal changes? (Yes, and colorful too)
  • Landscape – The live oaks, the spanish moss, the bloomings of azaleas and crepe myrtles, the green grass and palm trees.  Rave reviews!
  • How long does it take to get to……  Disney Wold, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Daytona??? They look forward to being the permanent lodging for their family that is scattered all over the USA!!
  • Friendly – They’re amazed at how everyone is so “nice”.  Strangers just wave to each other??!!

It’s great to see the smiles on their faces and hear their comments about what they see when they visit.  I hope this gets your curiosity going.

So if you are thinking of moving The Sunshine State…..just call me and let me tell you and show you Gainesville – and all the surroundings in Alachua County.

Gainesville is Great


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