Chimney Sweep Service for Alachua County Homeowners

We’ve all got chores to do on our homes for the winter season, and one item on my TO-DO list was to get my fireplace & chimney cleaned.   It’s been a few years since I have had this done, and it got done yesterday.  I like to share my business referrals to customers, and this company is going onto my Preferred Vendor list!

A friend recommended Chimney Sweeps of America located in Gainesville . I called yesterday and spoke with Steve March and made an appointment for the service at 4pm yesterday.

They were on time and provided great service!  Now my fireplace and chimney are ready for the 2011-2012 winter season!

Word of mouth referrals is the best advertising in the world.

So if your home’s fireplace and chimney need a seasonal cleaning, call Steve at 352-378-7020 and his company team will take great care of you!

His company provides other services too: Dryer Vent Cleaning, Kitchen/Restaurant Hood Cleaning.  Check out his web site at Chimney Sweeps of America.


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