Dave’s New York Deli Has Moved to Tioga Town Center

If you’ve been a regular to Dav’e NewYork Deli in Jonesville, you must know that Dave’s New York Deli has “stretched out” and moved to their new location at the Tioga Town Center.

I will admit I was too tired and/or lazy to plan or cook dinner on this Friday night, so we thought we would go check out the new place.

You can’t miss it!  It’s right in front between TCBY and Starbucks!

Dave’s new location has larger space with more inside tables and now has some really nice outdoor cafe style tables too.

I bet everyone working in the Tioga Town Center Shops are happy they have another great place to eat now too.

Everyone that lives in the area will love having another place to eat on Movie Night at Tioga too.

I hope Dave & his crew will get more business with their new location!

Stop in and check out his menu at Dave’s New York Deli.


One Response to Dave’s New York Deli Has Moved to Tioga Town Center

  1. Hi Christine – this deli sounds great and I sometimes am looking for something different for dinner.