Google Maps Street View – A Very Cool Tool!

I just watched Chris Smith’s Tech Savvy broadcast – The Queue,  and learned how to embed the code for Google Maps Street View into a blog post.

This is a great tool to use!

It sure helps a potential BUYER “feel” the neighborhood online! All you have to do is put in the address for a home or place, and verify if a “street view” is available in the Google Maps database.   Once the view is loaded, you can drag your mouse around on the photo and get a full 360 on the location.

If it’s there….just copy the code in the “link” drop down menu.

Here is my recent listing in Gainesville, FL at 1805 NE 6th Terrace. Here a buyer can “see” the oak canopy over the street and get a feel for the neighborhood.

Go ahead….try it on your own home….try it on your listings….it’s a cool tool!

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