Guess What’s Coming to Jonesville! Under Construction

Guess What’s Coming to Jonesville

There is construction underway in Jonesville between our Publix and Walgreen’s on Newberry Road.  So for the last week we’ve all been curious as to “WHAT” is being built in the out parcel.  My son works at the Jonesville Publix and came home from work last night with what he said is “great news!!”

Guess What's Coming to JonesvilleThe rumors say that we’re get a McDonald’s fast food restaurant.   The only confirmation of that is a handwritten sign in place for the preliminary site construction.

Of course all the people that work in the area are looking forward to having another place to eat for their breaks and lunch hours (my son sure is happy about it).

I was talking to one of the managers at Publix tonight, and she said that they have been told it is a McDonalds.   She and I are hoping that this may be the start of “other” restaurants coming to the area too.

So Let me Know if this Rumor is true !


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