You Deserve a Day Just for Family

There are so many different types of work-a-holics across the globe.  I am one of them.  Yes, my family comes first in my heart. But I find myself buried in work each day, then each week, then each month.  When did I have a vacation “with my family”??

A short trivia type article in a recent real estate magazine showed the top five most stressful careers in the USA.   And yep, Real Estate agent was there.  So, I am not alone and neither are you.

Today is the first day in 2 weeks that I have had any “me time”.  I will admit that “me time” all today has been me parked at my home office and catching up and tending to the 50 things I haven’t had time for over the last week.

BUT, tomorrow is Easter Sunday.

This is a Day that I will NOT work!  The phone will be ignored!

It will be a great day. A wonderful Sunday dinner.  Just Family.   A peaceful day to reflect and get back to the center of why I work so hard.  The ones I love are the most important.

So to all the other Work-a-Holics….. You Deserve a Day Just for Family!

Happy Easter


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