A Family Fun Saturday in Gainesville Florida

Today is October 31, 2009 and it will be a great weekend.  So here is what our family plans to do this weekend, so make these events part of your Family Fun Weekend in Gainesville!


Florida VS Georgia Classic 2009Before we get to Trick or Treating tonight,  we have the FLORIDA VS GEORGIA football game.  A Classic rivalry college game with great fans and family fun in Jacksonville.

Some people have gone over to the game in Jacksonville, while others are having “get togethers” at their homes – kickoff is at 3:30pm this afternoon.     The weather will be good for a great BBQ !

                                GO GATORS!!


After the game…….

Halloween Night brings the little trick or treaters!!

Trick or Treat



Micanopy Fall Havest Festival


One of my favorite fall festivals is this weekend in Micanopy.

Both Saturday and Sunday you can go to the



With all the great family fun this weekend, it is just a great way for me to say “Gainesville is a Great Place to Live” !!!


And Don’t forget to set your clocks back tonight – we get an wonderful extra hour of sleep.


So remember “FALL back” at 2am.  



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