Wireless is Wonderful

It’s amazing how technology grows and expands by leaps and bounds.  It’s also amazing how new things come along and I miss the boat and don’t get the new stuff.  And we are all such creatures of habit.  I am a true believer in the slogan “if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it“.  So, here at home, we have had a hard wired network and hard wired router for the last few years.  It worked fine.  Our Internet speed (thanks to Cox Cable) has been great.  So no complaints…….  But, sitting at my wired desktop till 10pm each night has gotten weary.

Wireless is WonderfulI had always thought I would have to call the cable company or the geek squad to get wireless Internet up and running. I assumed it was a big expense and new hardware…yada yada….. I don’t have time to worry about getting it done.  But, I was wrong.  This weekend, I asked a question at BEST BUY and they told my all I needed was this small blue cardboard box called a wireless router.  It was on sale!

But I was still skeptical.

But, this morning, I did as instructed by the BEST BUY dude …… “read and follow the instructions”. He said that was important.


I did just that….read the instructions and in less than 15 minutes (following the excellent instructions via CD from the blue cardboard box)…… I now have wireless Internet in the house.

It’s 8:30pm and I am sitting on my couch in my living room- typing this blog post on my lap top.   No wires, no mess, and it is awesome.   This new wireless will put a STOP to spending  my entire evenings in my “home office”.   Right now, I am just sitting on my couch, with my “LAP TOP” on my lap….while watching the TV!  This is a new luxury at this household.

I know (I hear some of you snickering)……I am way behind the learning curve, but this is great and I am happy with this wireless luxury.  And, I will be able to sit on my front porch, or out on my back deck and still be able to be “online”.   Yep, a new and better way to feed my addiction.

Now my son is jealous…..he says he will save his money and he wants a laptop too.

Thank you LINKSYS by Cisco….I am ONE happy new customer!



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