Landscape TrendsWith hot weather and longer days on tap for our Gainesville area, it’s the perfect time to get your yard in shape in our long hot summer. Keep this year’s top five landscaping trends (according to the National Association of Landscape Professionals) in mind.

1. Going Green with Color

Combine different textures and shades of green for a more dramatic lawn. Think of mixing leaves of different size and shape as well as plants with a variety of verdant hues. Select plants and shrubs that will survive the heat, filtered sun or direct sun. Go explore our local nurseries and ask questions!

2. Going green (the earth-friendly strategy)

More sustainable landscape designs have been becoming more popular over the past few years. Why? They’re better for the planet and can reduce maintenance costs. For example, more homeowners are planting “smart” lawns – varieties of grass bred to stay green with less water. With our local water restrictions, you’ll have to watch your plants and see how they are doing. And this is why we want RAIN every day!

3. Giving bees a chance

With bee populations in trouble, people are actually starting to welcome the stingers in their yard by planting native plants that provide the nectar they feast on. The efforts to save vital pollinators is another sign of consumers seeking more green, sustainable practices for their yards. Also remember that bees love water! So keep your bird-baths full of clean fresh water. You’ll see bees coming for a drink all day long.

4. Going Danish

The Danish concept of hygge is about creating an atmosphere of coziness by embracing life’s simple pleasures. How do you implement hygge in your yard? Add features that promote mindfulness, such as water fountains or aromatic flowers, and arrange seating in a way that encourages conversation. And don’t forget to include spaces that inspire play – for kids and adults. The experts at note an uptick in requests for things like bocce courts, fireplaces and hammocks, features to help home owners relax and play outdoors.

I fully admit that I love my yard and hope you love your yard too!